Part 2: Out the Road and Other Portola Stories, a movie

Gustavo Vazquez, Filmmaker

I traveled around the Portola photographing the neighborhood and interviewed residents, recorded their stories, and received copies of family pictures, which interviewees generously shared. In my film, “Out the Road and Other Portola Stories ,” oral histories build a community narrative; the story of a neighborhood at the rim of a world famous city, a working class District with agricultural roots that has always been home to recently arrived San Franciscans. Every Portola resident has a piece of the Portola story to tell. This film allows patrons to listen to the stories of their neighbors, of their families and of a shared history as a community. It’s a chance to think about the importance of our own stories.

View the 5 minute "trailer" of the video:

Gustavo and Venecia
Gustavo Vazquez filming Venecia Margarita

Stills from the movie:

Shirley Chen






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