Part 1: The Portola: Neighborhood Pictures, a Book
Part 4: Porto-Loteria, a neighborhood board game

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Board Game
54 Portola Images
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Kate Connell and Oscar Melara, Visual Artists
54 Portola Images: We drafted images of the things that make the Portola District so appealing. We wanted to create a collection of images that together could only describe the Portola, its history, community heroes, flora and fauna, cultural traditions. We drafted the images, crafted them as a game, Porto-Loteria, and then invited neighbors to try the game out, letting us know which images they liked, which they didn’t and what was missing. The resulting collection of 54 was community-selected. After creating the game, we also made a book with half the images.

Technique: We wanted to capture the details of our home, the Portola District, in a way that would appeal to our neighbors. As artists, our styles are very different and we thought a lot about how to combine them. Our God daughter, Tania Padilla, a great artist herself, suggested that we combine 2 dimensional work (Oscar) and 3 dimensional work (Kate) to produce the 54 Portola Images. So we did, Oscar combined drawing and painting and a new technique that included powdering pastels and then applying them with cotton held in tweezers. Kate carved bas-relief images from soft woods and clay, painted them and then scanned the finished work. The 2D and 3D artwork was scanned and in some cases, combined in Photoshop to create the final images.






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